Don’t be so quick to jump back to normal

President Trump was right last week to clarify his position and remind Americans it will be the governors of our states responsible for determining how and WHEN we begin the tricky process of loosening COVID-19 restrictions.

“The governors are responsible,” he said.

That is correct. And in Ohio’s case, state action so far indicates we can be fairly confident Gov. Mike DeWine will make good decisions based on the facts and advice of experts such as Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton who has ties to our region. The early action on DeWine’s part about a month ago seems to have had the intended effect, and has served as a guide for other states.

But even with that action, there are terribly difficult choices to make in the coming months. DeWine and Ohio lawmakers are being told there is a possibility one in 10 Buckeye State restaurants might not survive this crisis. Other businesses — large and small — are struggling. Unemployment claims have reached the point that the state was forced to implement a new system. What will go on with our schools?

Meanwhile, access to necessary medical resources ranging from personal protective equipment and ventilators to fast, accurate testing is still a problem. Folks are still testing positive. Some are still dying.  You have seen the updates we run daily in print and online.

Ohio residents must be patient and continue to follow DeWine’s orders and guidance during this time. It is far too early to begin behaving as though we have made it to the other side. Because we certainly haven’t.


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