Court right to clear construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Because the U.S. Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, what its justices say is the law is the law. Thus, the court’s ruling allowing construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline under part of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia settles one fight over the gas line.

It had been challenged by some environmental groups, on the contention that congressional approval of work 600 feet under the AT was required. No, it is not, the court ruled in a 7-2 vote.

Much deeper than that narrow issue of law is the controversy over whether such major disruptions of the environment should be permitted to provide Americans with fuel and electricity.

For now, at least, they must. Fuels including natural gas, petroleum and coal are vital. Alternative energy simply cannot meet all our nation’s needs. High court justices were right, then, to permit the pipeline to be completed.


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