A shout out to all our unusung winter heroes

Many of us stayed home and away from the cold and the ice last week. We didn’t have to do battle with the elements, the frigid temperature. We are the lucky ones.

There does come a time, though, when we should all be grateful for the public and private workforce who work to keep our roads clear.

These past few weeks have provided opportunities for plenty of snow plowing and ice clearing from our roads and driveways and parking lots.

So many of us looked out our windows, waiting for you to come, and indeed you did. The one thing we know about the people who drive snow plows — public and private — is they are ready to go when called upon. There aren’t a lot of training days for this job, but these past few weeks have provided a lot of on-the-job training. Oh, and thanks to all the industrious young people who forsake staying indoors to go out and shovel out their neighbors. Often for free.

Here’s our shoutout to all of you — thanks for being there.


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