Affordable plan needed for state infrastructure

We have entered the time of year when faults in our roads and bridges are more obvious than ever.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, Ohio’s infrastructure is only getting worse.

The ASCE graded Ohio in 16 categories. The state earned an overall C-minus.

Ohio’s ASCE offered solutions such as consistently dedicating public funding to infrastructure investment, and raising the user fee on gasoline and diesel fuel. It also pitched this gem: “Infrastructure owners and operators must charge, and Ohioans must be willing to pay, rates and fees that reflect the true cost of using, maintaining and improving all infrastructure, including our water, waste, transportation and energy services.”

Lawmakers, local officials and facility operators need to address the dangers of a crumbling state infrastructure. To do it on the backs of those wondering how they will ever recover from the blows dealt over the past year would be irresponsible.

They will have to find another way in the short term, while planning carefully for a long-term solution.


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