As things brighten, don’t let guard down

Slowly we are seeing the light brighten at the end of the tunnel.

It was just last week when Gov. Mike DeWine announced limits on sporting and entertainment venue attendance would be relaxed, now permitting 30 percent of the maximum outdoor capacity or 25 percent of maximum indoor spectators to attend. Event attendance, of course, has been either nonexistent or very limited since the pandemic began about one year ago. “This is a start,” DeWine said in making his announcement. “If the situation improves in the spring, summer, this could be expanded.”

Of course, face masks remain a requirement, along with specific pathways for social distancing and seating in pods of no more than six people — recommended to be of the same household — and be separated by at least 6 feet from other groups of people.

Also, general admission events now will be permitted as long as masks are worn, and the 6-foot distancing can be marked, DeWine said.

High school students, brides and grooms and local fair-goers will be very interested to hear that in his announcement, DeWine also said he soon will be releasing new guidance for proms, banquet centers, wedding receptions, fairs, festivals and parades. “The goal will be for all of us to get back to where we want to be: what our lives were before the pandemic,” DeWine said. “There is a bridge back to that life, and that bridge is built on vaccinations and continuing safety protocols.”

We are pleased to hear all that and can’t wait to hear more good news, especially as vaccinations ramp up and cases slow down.

We caution, though, to remain vigilant about social distancing, hand-washing and continued mask-wearing, so that light at the end of the tunnel may continue to get brighter.


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