Mass clinics will be a big push toward vaccination

Ohio officials announced last week a mass vaccination clinic planned to administer 6,000 COVID-19 vaccines a day will open in Cleveland this month.

That is wonderful news, but it is a FEMA-supported federal project that will likely not have much impact on Ohioans outside the Cleveland metro area. What will make a difference for the rest of us is another announcement from Gov. Mike DeWine that the state will open 15 long-term mass vaccination clinics to expand regional access to the vaccine. These are not federal projects.

They’ll make a difference in places such as Lima, Dayton, Columbus, Akron, Youngstown, Cincinnati, Chillicothe, Marietta, Wilmington and Zanesville, and will be joined by four mobile vaccine clinics that will hit more rural areas.

The Mahoning Valley’s state-sponsored mass vaccination site will be at the former Dillard’s store spot at the Southern Park Mall.

“We are really at a point in this battle against the virus where we now have a very effective weapon. We have three weapons. Three different vaccines,” DeWine said. “They’re very effective tools.”

As has been the case from the first news of an effective vaccine, the challenge remains in overcoming unfounded fears about the shots to make everyone who is eligible part of the battle against this monster.

Folks, you are running out of excuses. There are three vaccine options, and soon they will be accessible almost anywhere in the state — and to more people with each new age group allowed to get in line.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to make a difference — to keep you, and the people around you, safer.


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