Happy Mother’s Day to all the good moms

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. We offer moms our heartfelt and happy wishes. Along with roses, hugs and smooches on their cheeks for all the good moms out there. From the first-time mothers to elderly moms who realized that being a parent did not end when a child became an adult. Granted, there are many bad moms out there. We all know who they are. You’ve even seen some of them listed in our court records and police reports. It’s tragic that some children grow up with crud for parents. An absolute shame.

This tribute is for the good moms. Aren’t we lucky to have oh so many great moms around here? There are no age boundaries. A parent is always a parent. And the good ones realize that and pass it along to their children. With heaps of love shown throughout the years in so many ways. It is indisputable that the vast majority of children shown love by their parents will in turn do likewise when they grow up and raise a family. It is generational. We see it all the time. Love and compassion become part of the parenting DNA.

Like it was last year, motherhood is especially amplified again given the virus fallout. Many moms were forced to become quasi-teachers, trying to keep up with educating their children at home through lesson plans provided by their respective school districts. Teaching kids at home was no easy task. Anyone who has ever stood over a distracted child frustrated with homework understands that. Especially when there are so many other day-to-day demands that come with motherhood.

Then there are the moms who provided cuddly blanket-type comfort to confused children frightened by this nasty thing called COVID-19. Using plain words that children could understand, the good moms explained that, yes, it was OK to be scared. Adults were scared, too. But that the kids needed to know they were not going to be left alone with their fears. Never ever! Bless of all you who have exemplified what stepping up is exactly about during these trying and uncertain times. You have earned your own gold stars.

Yes, we are emerging from the COVID dread. Still there are those becoming afflicted and others being impacted. Local case in point: Lisbon school youngsters forced back home to remote learning due to COVID precautions the past week-and-a half. A semblance of normalcy to the pre-virus world we knew and took for granted is arriving. But it will take a long while to get back to the way it was.

Mother’s Day should be 365 days a year (or 366 during a leap year!). The best moms deserve that. Those of you out there who have the pleasure and fortune to still have a great mother should remember that. Shame on those who took solid, value-grounded parenting for granted and won’t even bother to send a card, flowers or pay a visit on Mother’s Day. You should thank mom everyday including on her special day. Yes, give some roses, hugs and kisses on the cheeks — the real kind and maybe some of those Hershey kisses too! Double that for all the young, single working moms who somehow determinedly provide a well-balanced home atmosphere for their kids. It can’t be easy.

Those of us who had wonderful mothers but now must visit a cemetery would love to have them back even for a fleeting moment. And a memo to all the young moms: save all those “masterpieces” that your child creates and colors for you and proudly presents on occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Trust us on this one: way down along your life’s road, you will smile softly while wiping a tear away when looking at a yellowing and tattered-around-the-edges “card” your now adult boy or girl created for you many years ago. Go ahead and keep it adorning the refrigerator door.

For young moms too, swallow hard then take a big bite of those pancakes — smothered with peanut butter and a whatever-the-heck-it-is gooey topping — your child-chef will present proudly as breakfast tomorrow morning. Then wash it down with lots of orange juice. Such precious moments make up the circle of life. Cherish Mother’s Day before it goes away for another year.


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