Employers should be allowed to run their own businesses

There was a time when Republicans tended to be pro-business conservatives who understood that when it comes to government meddling, less is more. Yet in Ohio, pending legislation in the House of Representatives would tell both public AND private employers they are prohibited from requiring employees to receive vaccinations. Further, the bill would also prevent workers from being fired as a result of refusing to get vaccinated, and it would allow workers to sue their employers if they believed their rights were violated under the new law.

Again, this nonsense is being pushed by folks who call themselves Republicans.

Meanwhile, both the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association have testified against the bill, correctly pointing out the degree to which it interferes with employers’ rights to operate their businesses as they see fit.

The chamber “strongly believes that employers should have the freedom to operate their businesses, to make decisions about protecting their workforce, and to develop the health and safety policies and practices that meet the needs of their individual workplaces,” said Keith Lake, vice president of government affairs for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Sadly, business owner Ross McGregor, who was speaking on behalf of the manufacturing association, had to explain to bill sponsor Rep. Jennifer Gross, R-West Chester, that the bill interfered with his ability to control what happened in his own factory.

“I offer employment. I do not mandate it. I offer it,” McGregor said.

“It is up to an individual to decide whether they wish to accept my offer of employment.”

There are other problematic aspects to the bill — it is also opposed by several hospitals, state associations of doctors and nurses, and other healthcare groups.

But this is not about whether lawmakers want to indulge the conspiracy-theory set when it comes to vaccines (though that, too, is an enormous problem). This is about whether lawmakers want to pull even more control over how employers run their businesses away from those men and women and into the seat of Ohio government.

Given this and a few other bizarre pieces of control-grabbing legislation proposed this year, it appears as though at least a few liberals in Republicans’ clothing want to do just that.


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