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However disgusted, no one can not vote

To the editor:

Voting is a privilege. Even with what has transpired this past year with both political parties it’s still a privilege and should not be wasted.

I am approaching a milestone birthday and for the first time in my life I actually thought I was not going to vote because I have been so disgusted with both the Republican and Democratic  nominees. As a person of faith I have been sickened by the verbage and accusations that have come forth. What a shame that they are the best we have to offer for our country.

I spoke of this to some friends and they were surprised by my statement because anyone who knows me can attest that I consider it my duty to vote and believe wholeheartedly in the election process.

I have changed my mind however. I am voting third party. And yes, I know a third party candidate won’t win. But I can’t not vote. No one can not vote. Regardless how disgusted we are we have to vote because it is a privilege. We in this country are so lucky to be free to vote. We cannot waste the privilege. We have to let the people in Washington know that we the people have a voice. Even though my vote won’t elect anyone I am using it to show that I am disgusted with the Republican and Democratic parties. I will add one more number to another candidate’s tally just to show Washington that there are people who want more than what is being offered and maybe, just maybe someone will pay attention.

God bless America.




TV and Internet scarier than Halloween

To the editor:

In regard to the letter concerning Halloween: I’d be more worried about what my child was watching on TV or the Internet than I would be about them dressing up and going out treat or treating!

The problem is not the children — it is what their parents are allowing them to be taught in schools and what the parents have given up — their parenting duty. You had the child. You teach. You set the example. You make the decisions that will shape their morals and character.

Stop letting the government do what you should be doing and do it without any excuses.

There is an election coming up Nov. 8. Are you prepared to do your parental duty? Make the best selection of who will lead this generation and affect future generations or are you one of the people who believe that there is no choice but Trump or Clinton?

I can tell you now that no matter which one of those two wins the election, your children and grandchildren will be the real losers. Those two people are on a train that will take this nation over a cliff. And what will that mean? Certainly the long-term effects will not be known in the present older generation’s lifetime. But those from 1 day old to probably 75 years will certainly feel them.

Chaos is going to reign in this country (it has already started). People are going to be divided by an economic meltdown and racial tension. We will probably also be in a world war, the likes of which no one has seen and it will be on our shores and land, something that no one is prepared for because we are arrogant.

The chaos that this present president has helped to create will carry over to the next president and if that person does not have the morals, will and backbone to at least make the effort to govern constitutionally, this country as we know it will cease to exist.

I will not vote for either Trump or Clinton. I believe there are other people who are more qualified and I will vote Independently, even if I have to do a write-in vote.




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