United FFA members thankful for generosity

To the editor:

On Sunday, Dec. 11, members of the United Future Farmers of America (FFA) went shopping at Walmart in Salem for the two families in the community that they adopted for Christmas.

After putting everything in their cart, the members were standing in the aisle adding everything up and realized that they had come up short of money and would have to put items back. They started with shoes and were going to go from there. When adding items up to subtract from the list, a passerby overheard what they were doing and dropped a substantial amount of money in their shopping cart.

After the members turned to take items out of the cart, they noticed the money and realized who had left it for them. He was just a few aisles over and the members ran to thank him for his generous donation. He told them that the family they were shopping for could use it more than he could and to make sure the family got everything they needed. The United FFA would like to thank the generous man who helped make the families’ Christmas amazing.


FFA advisor and teacher at United High School,



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