YOUR SIDE: The Readers Take Over

‘What difference does it make now?’

To the editor:

“If you like your hacker, you may keep your hacker. Oh heck, that’s not hack! What I meant to say was, if you like your doctor you may keep your doctor! My fellow Americans, (meaning of course, my fellow liberals) I can tell you exactly what that is. That is if I can find a good definition of just what is is. Is is a little complex to explain. Oh well, forget that for now. What difference does it make now?

Let me tell you this, I really stood up to those bad guys in the Middle East. Why I’ve “drawed” so many lines in the sand  I’ve lost count, but I think it must have been about every two I was stumbling through my maze. Can I help it if the wind kept blowing them out?

Pardon me Mr. ‘Bama, that wasn’t the wind! It was the blasts of hot air coming from the White House. But what difference does it make now? A few more days this putting America down, and we will have real change.

And what’s this about “putting a lot of coal miners out of work?” I have a son who pastors a church in West Virginia, where many mine for their very existence; where work of any type is hard to find. Thanks good buddy. But I am sure you understand, your comrade in doctrine came out of the White House flat broke!

And what difference does it make now that some of our choice military were killed because your Secretary of State refused to send help to their rescue.

One last thing: in my opinion there would not have been a Donald Trump if there had not been so much outright lying and deceit, and if we would have had someone to stand up for us!




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