YOUR SIDE: The Readers Take Over

Writing in support of Judge Washam

To the editor:

While we each have a right to our own opinions, I was offended to read the critical remarks by a fellow Salem resident of Judge Scott Washam. Obviously, I am unaware of the reason or situation behind this criticism as the reason was not stated. If, perhaps, the reason is because addiction has touched a loved one, you truly and sincerely have my heartfelt sympathy. I , too, have loved ones who have fought the battle of drug addiction.

Yes, I think we can all agree that drug abuse is a nationwide epidemic and “Many people are trying to promote care, help trying to stop deaths, the destruction of lives…” As someone who knows Judge Washam personally, I can say with fullest confidence this is exactly what he is doing.

Some people can be coaxed into receiving help by loving influence before every reaching the steps of the courthouse. Others, however, need a firmer form of persuasion from inside the courtroom.

For instance: On the day of this writing (not printing) there is a court case in the Salem News where an individual has two prior drug convictions where no jail time was served. This will be a third drug conviction and this time there is a jail sentence, as there should be, from Judge Washam.

Judge Washam is Godly man who has raised a Godly family. He takes his judgeship very thoughtfully, empathetically, and yes, lawfully, as is his job. His duty is to uphold the role of law, and yes, sentence accordingly. He is providing “constructive help.” He is “saving lives” for both those who are in the grip of addiction and those being protected from the harm of drug abusers, by doing his job. He is doing the right thing. Sometimes that’s the hardest job of all.




League of Ohio Sportsmen ask Sen. Portman for support

To the editor:

The League of Ohio Sportsmen (LOOS) is Ohio’s oldest conservation organization. LOOS has for the past 109 years represented the interests of Ohio sportsmen and women. LOOS recently sent the following letter to Senator Rob Portman:

Senator Rob Portman

448 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Phone: 202-224-3353

Dear Senator Portman,

The League of Ohio Sportsmen would like to congratulate you on your successful re-election campaign. We look forward to working with you in the future on issues of interest to hunters and anglers, including the protection of public lands, clean air, and clean water.

An issue of immediate concern is the confirmation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. We are particularly concerned about the impacts of deregulation on Ohio’s waterways, where harmful algal blooms are increasing from Lake Erie to the Ohio River. This threatens our drinking supply as well as fish and wildlife.

We ask you and other senators who care about hunting, fishing, and conservation to vote no on Scott Pruitt’s confirmation for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Our nation cannot afford to turn its back on clean water regulations and enforcement.

Our membership is also concerned about the Department of Interior. We need a secretary of interior who understands and believes in the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. We have the world’s most successful model of fish and wildlife management because of the long-standing partnerships of government agencies with the outdoor industry, and most of all the dedicated people who hunt and fish.

The League of Ohio Sportsmen will strongly oppose any effort to sell, privatize, or turn federal lands over to the states for exploitation.




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