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Sharing insight during National 4-H Week

To the editor:

In honor of National 4-H Week the Columbiana County Teen Council would like to share some 4-H history. Did you know, the 4-H program was founded in 1902 by A.B Graham in Clark County, Ohio?

The first 4-H Club was known as “The Tomato Club” or the “Corn Growing Club.” 4-H Positive Youth Development has grown tremendously in the 115 years it has been around.

In fact, the 4-H Positive Youth Development Program is the largest mentoring program in the nation. The 4-H Program offers many learning experiences. While most people are familiar with the traditional agricultural side of 4-H, the program has evolved with the times and also includes projects in areas such as healthy living, leadership, science, technology and much more! The 4-H Positive Youth Development Program is open to all youth ages 5-18.

Youth who live in rural, urban and suburban communities are bound to find a project that interests them and helps build purpose and passion in their lives. 4-H gives youth the skills they need to make better life choices, give back to their community, and become successful adults.

Fun Facts: 4-H Youth Development Trivia

1. What restaurant was inducted into the Ohio 4-H Hall of Fame, even once quoted “only thing better than sausage is 4-H.” They even remain an active supporter of 4-H today.

2. What did the 4th H originally stand for?

3. Who founded 4-H?

4. What year was 4-H founded.

5. Where was 4-H founded (town or county)?

6. First 4-H Club’s name?


1. Bob Evans

2. Hustler

3. A.B. Grahams

4. 1902

5. Springfield, Ohio or Clark County, Ohio.

6. “The Tomato Club” or the “Corn Growing Club”

Courtney Banks,



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