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Adopt a Planter program receives community support

To the editor:

The Salem Beautification Committee would like to thank the following people and organizations — we sold out early this year — who made a financial contribution to support our annual Adopt a Planter program.

Our annual supporters: Jock Buta, Robin Heestand, Atty. Fred and Bev Naragon, Margie Engle, Patty Colian, Elizabeth Thatcher, Karen Rutsky Divers, Donna Chappell, Gordon Bros. Water, Kyle Cranmer, Ken Rapini, Beth Volosin, Jerry Buckley and Brian Henderson.

New supporters this year were: Kerry and Louis Ramunno, David Johnson, Joseph Centofanti, Helen Cranmer, Maureen Zimmerman, Sally Mainwaring, Madeline Patton-Shivers, David Mollenkoff.

Thanks to the following who will be helping us water the planters: Marlene Kinestic, Tom Corso, Robin and Brian Falk.

Adding to the success of our program were: Salem Rotary Foundation, Memorial & Patriotic Association and Gina Dermotta, for making generous donations.

Special thanks to John Mehno for painting the flower urns. To Doug Moffett for helping us plant the hanging baskets, a very difficult task. And to Jim Grimm and Doug Moffett for professionally sweeping the sidewalks.

More importantly, because of community support we remain inspired and committed in our efforts to provide the “heart of our town” with beautifully filled flower containers, which every resident and guest can enjoy during the summer/fall months. We will continue promoting our motto: “Planting pride city wide and hope each and every business and home owner will, too.” This year we are asking Salem residents to plant sunflowers somewhere in their yard, in connection with the Burchfield Society’s celebrating “Golden Years of Burchfield” honoring our very own nationally known watercolorist Charles Burchfield.

Karen L. Carter, Elaine Kothera, Jennifer Brown,

SBC Co-chairmen


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