YOUR SIDE: The Readers Take Over

In support of Salem’s Police Chief and his anti-pot stance

To the editor:

Congratulations to Police Chief Panezott for his stand on medical marijuana retail dispensaries.

I’m hoping the entire community will rally around him and support him in his stand. All one has to do is read the daily police reports to know we’re in trouble in this community. For Attorney Goll to call for his “firing” is absurd and ridiculous. It’s a very sad situation that Gov. John Kasich signed such a proposal into law.

I guess we were “all asleep at the wheel” that we allowed such a thing to become a law. How many thousands are going to say they have one of the 21 ailments approved for treatment just so they can get a prescription? What I’ve been reading is that the risks of medical marijuana are unknown. Sad, but it’s all about money.




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