YOUR SIDE: The Readers Take Over

To the editor:

On May 13, 2017 “The Salem Citizen Prom” was held at Salem Senior High School. The theme was “An Arabian Night.” Dinner, dessert and beverages were served by the SHS Interact Club with students dressed in their own 2017 prom dresses and suits with tables in theme decorations.

The Interact Club students and advisers are always gracious hosts in the planning of a wonderful, elegant, thoughtful prom for senior citizens in our area. Other people assisting them in doing this by volunteering help are showing by example how to be great citizens. These younger citizens hopefully will become the leaders of tomorrow.

The Salem Rotary Club and other groups/businesses have sponsored this annual spring event for many years. In 2006, we took my own parents to their first and only prom. Walter Bak was 90 years old. Violet Bak was 85 years old. They had a great time! I danced with my dad several times and my husband, Norman, danced with my mom. Dan and Mom also enjoyed the music of dancing together for a long ago delayed prom because of pending World War II and the Depression era.

We were honored for being chosen King and Queen for 2017. A wonderful privilege that we will always remember. This evening will forever be relived as we both slowly dance into our future sunset years. Everyone should feel like a king or queen for a few hours during their lifetimes! Thanks again for the great memories.




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