Happy birthday to Pittsburgh International Airport

To the editor:

Happy birthday, thanks and congratulations.

Pittsburgh International Airport is 25 years old (Oct. 1, 1992).

Thanks for the “open arms” and “rolling out the red carpet” to this then inquiring geography teacher — the summer of 1991. A casual visit to the second floor of the soon-to-be demolished Allegheny County Airport brought about access to Michael Baker Jr. (project engineer) and the entire engineering division of the Midfield Project (Tasso Katselas Associates Inc.) Generous falls short of material given and mailed to said teacher thereafter.

Three long lunch tables (end to end) plus wall space outside Room 203 at 230 N. Lincoln Ave. (junior high) displayed in the fall of 1992 most of the items received.

Five U.S. Air pilots resided in Salem (including the mayor, Mondell), along with several stewardesses (PC in 1991-92).

Contact with the Salem News led to full coverage (photo article) along with an invitation to the public to visit the school. Over 70 citizens showed up the next few days. (P.S., the first two were Robert McCulloch II and Herb Hansell.)

Twenty-five years have brought many changes to PIA — good, bad and in-between. That story requires separate research and presentation.

Congratulations apply to the massive new project which may be “downsizing” as much as “expansion” through yet another investment in the future of western Pennsylvania, the region and global transportation.




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