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Your vote isn’t just another vote

To the editor:

As we approach the November election of local candidates and ballot issues these are not without importance and have long lasting influences within our communities, county, state and nation.

Every vote has within it a far reaching impact both short and long term in the direction and ultimate defining of the character of our lives. The reality of this is self-evident at every level and displayed openly from the conditions of our neighborhoods, the scourges of crime to generational poverty in far too many parts of our county and state.

The character, integrity and just as important the political ideology, as well as, the faith values of the candidates we elect will ultimately determine the quality of life or the lack of; not only for ourselves but also our children.

I have long been an advocate and have sought to be a voice calling for the best of who we are as Americans and people of faith to rise to the securing of freedom, liberty, life and faith. We are a nation people of individuals with distinctions with one constitution which in its essence has been a foundational intrinsic life force that to this day has no equal in the world. Israel alone, having as its core essence of existence and eternal presence the God breathed covenant of faith in which God Himself declares Himself in His person is the Covenant, stands above all other nations.

Your vote is by no means just another vote. Your vote is as the rudder of a mighty ship that sets the course in troubled waters. It is given to us to ensure the constancy and perpetuity of our great nation. The leaders that we elect, the values that we defend and the faith that we sustain are indelibly woven within the fabric of not only our own lives, but also those of our children and our society.

Our local candidates and ballot issues may not seem to have any impact in the scope of our national identity and future. But, many of these candidates become the guiding influences of our destinies. The ballot issues often declare our values and strength of our communities and most definitely set a course of advance or decline.

Our education system is in many ways the heartbeat of our society. Its strengths and weakness will leave its mark for generations to come. The ideologies that it advances the values it sustains and its embracing or rejection of faith values will determine the destiny of our nation.

I’m proud, as a father and as one who has dedicated my life to be a voice for freedom, liberty, life and faith that my daughter Lyndsay Guy has chosen to run for Crestview School Board. It is the generations that follow after us that will build on the foundations that we have secured. May we leave good foundations for those who come after us to lead!


East Palestine


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