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Encouraging a ‘no’ vote regarding charter commission

To the editor:

The Constitution of the United States begins with the words, “We the People” and Thomas Jefferson said, “We in America do not have government by the majority but by the majority who participate. All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

And Daniel Webster said “it is hardy too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.” There have been men and women from all decades who mean to govern well; but they mean to govern! They mean to be kind leaders but they mean to be leaders.

It is wrong to discard the vote from last November. The proponents of the city charter movement, to my knowledge, have not had a single meeting nor have they provided any printed information about the supposed merits of this ballot issue. I guess everybody is just to have blind faith and trust in the notion that a charter form of government will be better than the government in which we have a direct say. My Dad used to call that buying a pig in a poke!

We were told there would be no cost to the new initiative. There will be cost and it has even been suggested that the funds should come from the city rather than the taxpayers. Do city funds not come from or belong to the taxpayers?

The costs involved if the charter government initiative moves forward may include studies, writing of charter language and participation of “paid” consultants. Won’t the taxpayers pay these costs?

These are questions that need answers in a clear and forthright manner. No matter how compelling the argument may be to “study” the prospects for city charter government for Salem, it is hardly equitable to ask that scarce city funds be applied to this when so many in this community turned out to the polls in the last election to soundly defeat it.

Since both the Democratic and Republican parties are opposed to moving forward on this issue we need to know where the candidates for city council stand on this matter prior to the election.

Most important please vote and vote “no” on this charter initiative.




Upset lack of respect being shown by NFL players

To the editor:

I’m somewhat confused as to why a number of National Football League (NFL) players are still protesting against the American establishment (flag). I have spoken to a number of people and we haven’t been able to come to an agreement as to why the protesting is ongoing.

The reasons varied from police brutality, racial inequality, lack of jobs and the lack of opportunities to pursue a college education. These issues should be addressed by community leaders and not by NFL players. The individuals who play in the NFL should be thankful for the opportunity. They should be expressing their gratitude to everyone who has given them an opportunity to play football.

High school through college, athletes enjoy a variety of benefits. They are given every opportunity to advance in their chosen sport as well as in the classroom.

There is no racial inequality in high school or college sports nor is there racial inequality in the NFL. Every athlete employed by the NFL is paid extremely well. If these athletes are protesting based on social issues, then they need to meet with their community leaders and express their concerns.

I don’t think that using the NFL as a platform to express one’s social views is acceptable. As for not standing for the national anthem, I have talked to a number of people ranging from the employed to unemployed to the educated to uneducated and they expressed that they would never disrespect this country or the American flag.

If people choose to use a college education, sports or hard work everyone has an opportunity to be successful in this country. I mean everyone! And that is just my opinion.




Too early to see all the Christmas decorations

To the editor:

I was sick to walk into Home Depot and I see all these Christmas decorations out. Really!? Are you serious!. Come on! Can’t you wait until, at least, after Halloween!

I don’t know if Walmart has their displays out yet. By the time Christmas actually does come, we’ll be sick of it. You’re killing the season, in my opinion. Money, money, money! Gotta beat the competition. Pretty soon, you’ll put Christmas decorations out after Labor Day. We’ll have the fair, then Christmas. What’s the hurry? Oh yeah, $$$$$$$$$$$$$




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