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Former council president backing Whitehill

To the editor:

I would like to express my support for Brian Whitehill for Salem City Council. As a former president of Salem City Council where I worked closely with Brian, I came to know him as one of the most objective and measured representatives on council. Brian approaches issues facing the city, and his decisions are made with an open mind taking into account all concerned. He studies the issues, takes input from constituents and takes action with the best interest of Salem in mind.

Brian is known to be a strong, conservative Republican on state and national issues. Just the kind of person you would think would be supported by the local Republican Central Committee. Perhaps it is his oath of office which he takes seriously and his devotion to Salem and the citizens he serves, instead of a small group of vocal party representatives, that lost him their support. His strong will, dedicated research and input from constituents rather than party pressure, are the very attributes that make him a good council person for Salem.

Brian has served on multiple committees of council including chairing the Committee of the Whole, Finance, Traffic and Safety and the Utility committees. He has spent numerous evenings on ride-alongs with the police to experience the hard work they encounter in order to better inform his decision-making in council.

All of this while maintaining a responsible day job for one of the oil and gas equipment manufacturers and sharing family duties with his wife Shannon. I am sure he would like more time for his family, or his participation in the Salem Community Theatre, or to quietly go about cleaning trash from Salem streets with his family twice a month, but we need him on city council.

We need more candidate like Brian Whitehill on Salem City Council and I hope he will have the support of the voters on Nov. 7 to keep him there working hard for you and for me. I know he is my choice and I am asking you to join with me in voting for Brian Whitehill on Election Day.




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