The downside of implementing RITA

To the editor:

I felt it necessary to inform the citizens of Salem about the downside of the implementation of the Regional Income Tax Authority (RITA). It has been said that eliminating the Salem Income Tax Department, which is a part of the treasurer’s office, would be a cost savings measure. This is based on estimated rates of what the cost would be for RITA to perform this task on an estimated tax collection of $6.5 million.


1) The initial base contract rate that would be signed with RITA is 3 percent. Based on the estimated tax collection of $6.5 million, the fee would be $195,000. This is more than the 2017 budget for the treasurer’s office of $189,241.13.

2) RITA pays bimonthly to the city for collections made, but invests these collected monies and keeps the interest that is earned. This interest is then a part of the reconciliation that is done at the fiscal year end in June by RITA. This is one way that the original 3 percent retainer can be adjusted.

3) Even by using my opponent’s figures, the income tax department of the treasurer’s office would have to be “gutted” to realize the estimated savings. This means eliminating all four employees (two full time and two part time). To keep any employees locally would substantially reduce any savings, if not eliminate them.

The treasurer’s office employees should be lauded for the work they do for the citizens of Salem. The office is far from being antiquated as was portrayed by my opponent and provides many of the same services as RITA, and some it does not. The citizens of Salem deserve to have these services offered to them personally.




Sentence in dog abuse case isn’t long enough

To the editor:

I’m responding to the article that was posted in the Salem News on Oct. 20 involving the Leetonia man who plead guilty to involvement in the physical abuse of his female pitbull which led to her painful death.

I would like to state that his one and a half year prison sentence is not enough time. A life sentence seems more appropriate but I know that would never come to be.

The physical abuse the dog endured was so horrific. This makes me so angry and sick to my stomach that people like Edward Altenburg makes this world hard to live in.

I hope he meets a lot of animal lovers while serving his time in prison.

Good luck to you Mr. Altenburg. I’m sure you’re gonna need it.




Thankful for help in rounding up loose cows

To the editor:

The Roger Witmer family would like to express their deepest appreciation to all the neighbors and friends that came out on Sunday, Oct. 29, to assist in rounding up our loose cows.

It was amazing to see all these people quickly assemble and begin searching for and herding up the cows and trailering them back to the farm.

No one asked them to come, by word of mouth, they just came and gave up their Sunday morning to help us. What a wonderful gift this is to have such giving people surround us.

We would also like to thank the Beaver and Goshen Township police departments for their assistance.

In this month of giving thanks, we are truly thankful for all of you!




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