YOUR SIDE: The Readers Take Over

Right wing propagandists pounding the table

To the editor:

I used to teach a lesson to my government students on propaganda in our society and how to recognize it. A part of politics is trying to change public opinion to shape it in a certain ways and propaganda plays a big part in that. Pressure groups try to influence public opinion in order to win what they want.

Currently right wing television,(Fox News) and radio talk show hosts, (Rush Limbaugh and Mark Lavin) want president Trump to fire Robert Mueller over Trumped up charges. Robert Mueller is a Republican, a war veteran, with an impeccable record for getting the facts straight. Special Council Mueller looking into Russian collusion with the Trump administration has already indicted four top Trump administration officials with two guilty pleas in the book. The walls of the White House are closing in on President Trump, and as the saying goes first argue the facts, the facts aren’t with you argue the law, if the law’s not with you pound the table. The right wing propaganda machine is certainly doing that.

What I would like to see is an honest look at what happened in our election process and protecting it from foreign influence in the future. As I told my students always get three reliable sources on a story and make up your own mind.




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