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Defends well being of his “outside” dog

To the editor:

I was just visited by a Sheriff office about my “outside” dog. The office stated there was a complaint about my dog being outside in the cold. Let me start by saying I live on 10+ acres of property and my dog runs free. Freedom included being able to enter a store bought igloo dog box, sized to the dog, with a dog bed inside, which is the dogs DECISION. I also have a dog bed on my porch so the dog can choose which location and when to use.

My dog is a cross between a Siberian Elk hound and a Beagle. When younger our dog would curl up in the snow and sleep instead of going into her nice box. We used to laugh about it, but not anymore. I told the officer the breed of my dog and pointed to the box that is within 20 feet of my door. I informed him there was a dog bed inside that the dog could use, but seldom chooses. He didn’t bother to go look in. I often find her curled up on her “other” dog bed located on the front porch. My dog eats dry food, can food, dog treats and table scraps. She has water and access to our running creek 120 feet from our house. When I am outside in this weather doing chores or walking around our dog follows. She can stay in her dog house on the dog bed, if she chooses, but she doesn’t. The only time she needs to exit is when she wants to eat, go to the bathroom, or roam the property.

My wife moved the second dog bed from the porch to inside our garage along with some water and the dog. The officer returned with someone from the dog pound to see the dog. I opened the garage door and the dog walked out. All of that wasn’t good enough, and they seized our dog.

Today it doesn’t matter the breed of the dog or if there is fiberglass dog box and bed. All it takes is one person to complain. My dog chose to be out and walking around when she could have been curled up in her igloo box on her dog bed. Not all dogs are inside dogs. Unfortunately many in today’s society can’t distinguish between people and dogs.

Kent Salmen,



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