YOUR SIDE: The Readers Take Over

An example of people helping people

To the editor:

The media is full of hate. We get used to it. What is this country becoming? Then we get hit with a snowstorm. At 9 a.m. I get a call from my son. He’s coming to do my sidewalks. I’m 80, my son looks out for me.

Before he get’s here, I look out the window and there are two men shoveling my sidewalk. It turns out they are renters, two doors up. Never saw them before. I thanked them. We chatted a little about the weather. My son came, shoveled out my car. The sidewalks were already done.

I went out to put some ice melt on my front steps. Across the street from my house a renter in an apartment building was stuck in the snow.

We, my son and I, went to help. We tried but weren’t doing too well. Then a pickup stopped to help. Then another pickup stopped to help and the combined effort worked.

All you ever hear about is hate. But there were four people that stopped to help a stranger. And I’ll bet that was playing out all over the area.

Later in the afternoon I noticed that most of the sidewalks on my street had been shoveled. Some were, like me, seniors. Others there was no one home.

My take on all this, maybe this country is not as bad as we keep hearing. I believe that what played out in my neighborhood was happening all over town and, in fact, the whole storm affected area.

Kind of gives a warm fuzzy feeling. People helping people that need a little help. Maybe it’s not such a bad country after all.




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