YOUR SIDE: The Readers Take Over

Resents Salem Parks Commission action against parks director

To the editor:

The Salem Parks Board recently ousted longtime parks director Steve Faber. The three board commission members, John Panezott, chairman Terry Hoopes and vice-chairman Lucille Karnofel, have never given us a reason for their disgusting and disgraceful action. The only thing said was that it was a mutual decision between the board and Mr. Faber. If you believe that, I got some nice land in Florida.

I would bet that Mr. Faber was told to resign or he would be outed by the board. It was not a mutual agreement. And as we would expect from Mr. Faber, his response statements were polite, unlike the cowardly actions of the three-member parks board.

Steve Faber served the city for over 25 years. He is an honorable, ethical and moral person unlike the backstabbing, deplorable commission members who have not given a reason for his ouster. Why did the parks commission throw out Steve Faber? We want an answer as to why you would ruin an honorable person’s life!!!