Prayer matters to this local resident

To the editor:

The time to stand idly by while Christian rights are continuously eroded has ended! I am incensed that American Christians still have to fight for their First Amendment rights to freely exercise their faith. The Constitution was written to protect our freedom OF religion, not the freedom FROM religion.

Sadly, violence and mayhem has exploded in schools since God and prayer has been forced out. This Ohio community had chosen to still offer prayer before events. Recently West Branch stopped having nondenominational prayer before games after a cease-and-desist letter from Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation charged that WB violated the constitution with prayer on school grounds during a school function. I wholeheartedly applaud the response that shows Prayer Matters.

Why are Christians in America not freely allowed to exercise their faith in God? Pilgrims fled England because they were hindered from practicing their faith. Freedom of Religion was so important that it’s first in the Bill of Rights!

Why are only Christians excluded from the First Amendment protection? Muslims pray five times daily for their religion. Ironically, some U.S. schools have established prayer rooms or made prayer accommodations to satisfy Muslim prayer requirements. In light of this, I consider it discrimination against Christians to be barred from prayer. Christians express their faith by asking God for protection for players and spectators before a school event. Unfairly denied, WB didn’t respond with threats or violence but chose a strong peaceful voice. They proudly printed “Prayer Matters” shirts in their school colors.

Apparently the WB prayer custom hadn’t riled visiting teams. Other schools have now designed “Prayer Matter” shirts in their own team colors to show support. I am encouraged that Louisville Leopards, Salem Quakers and United Eagles have chosen to stand up with West Branch in the “Prayer Matters” revolution!




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