We should appreciate attempts of those in recovery

We should appreciate attempts of those in recovery

To the editor:

The news has so often covered the issues of drug addiction, overdoses, heroin and drug epidemic, etc. that we have become weary of hearing anymore on a daily basis.

I feel it is equally important, and if not more important to address what is happening here in this city, and throughout the area and region. Recovery is taking place. Any you may need to be reminded as to how it is taking place. Every time you read in the local paper that someone was either drunk or under the influence of something, let me tell you that there are a number of individuals who have risen above this state and are seeking recovery. How, you may ask?

The Fleming House in Lisbon has been serving the community, providing a home for women and children for over 16 years. The women and children have a safe and drug-free place to live, receive multiple services and gain their pride back as they learn to contribute to society as a giving and tax-paying individual. Their children are in school, and for many excelling in their school work, rather than having to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

Further, we own and operate the Oxford House on Benton Road (in Salem) that is open to the community and offers a place for 13 supports groups a week for individuals throughout the area. It is my estimate that approximately 330 individuals come to these meetings each week — seeking recovery and hope and support to gaine the same satisfaction and worthiness in their lives that so many of us take for granted.

Additionally, this agency provides further housing for men and women in our Renaissance House for men and the House of Hope for Women. Many have tried these various paths to recovery and welcome your support in the form of a kind work or pat on the back. We can give them the tools, but each individual has to take them and make it work for either himself or herself.

I appreciate the fact that the community has allowed our services to exist throughout the area. We laud those who are working the patch to recovery and extend a kind word to the many who are attempting to become more like you and me.



Family Recovery Center,



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