Grateful for concern shown by Lisbon Schools board, administrators

To the editor:

Our children are our greatest treasure and deserve to attend a school in which they feel safe and their families feel that they are provided with the most secure environment possible. As a grandparent of children who attend Lisbon schools, I am so grateful that the board and administration are willing to conduct open discussions with the community about safety and security. The recent security meeting held on March 14 demonstrates that the Lisbon School Board and administration value the community’s input on a topic of huge importance.

I am well aware of the need to assess the input of the community on these topics. I am proud of the Lisbon Board for considering the thoughts of the parents, grandparents and citizens before arming the teachers. They are discussing their safety plan, using metal detectors, requiring see-through mesh backpacks, installing shatter-proof window covers and possibly hiring more guidance counselors. These are all viable solutions before arming the teachers. Again, way to go Lisbon Schools.




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