Writes in support of Judge Ashley Pike

To the editor:

You will be hard-pressed to find anyone more interested in politics than myself. But, there is a limit to political influences and that limit is set in judicial proceedings. We are not talking Supreme Courts or constitutional issues. We are talking local courts, dealing with local issues within a criminal or civil matter. Even though judges can declare a party, this is done for support and has nothing to do with their work while on the bench.

That is why I was so surprised at the decision of the Columbiana County’s Republican Party. Although my experience with the county GOP doesn’t leave any surprise with its actions this one took the cake!

Judge Ashley Pike epitomizes the definition of a successful career as a judge and had declared this election to be his last. How does the Columbiana County GOP repay him for his years of service and spotless record as a Columbiana County Common Pleas Judge? Yep, that’s right David Johnson decided to back a woman with no judicial experience and nowhere near the GOP dedication and tenure that Judge Pike has acquired over the past 33 years. This begs the question: why would Dave Johnson endorse someone with no judicial experience, limited litigation experience, and cannot hold a candle to the list of accomplishments that Judge Ashley Pike has amassed throughout his career?

In normal curious fashion, I decided to look at some of David’s recent statements to the press and what he feels is important in endorsing a candidate. The results were not surprising to me, but may be surprising for some. On Jan. 18, 2018, David Johnson is in the Salem News responding to the responsibility of the County GOP to nominate a replacement for Municipal Judge Amato. Johnson said qualifications are obviously the most important consideration, but candidates must also be willing to do what it takes to run for office. “We look at credentials and electability because whoever is appointed has to be willing to run for office” when their term is up, he said. “There is a political side to the job and they must be willing to campaign.”

And then on March 3, 2018, this was reported in the Salem News: Johnson said he and others in the party have become disenchanted with Pike in recent years over a number of issues and his lack of party involvement. “Ashley thinks just because he’s a judge he should be immune from criticism,” he said.” The second statement seems to fly in the face of the first. Are we interested in the person best qualified for the job? Or, are you interested in punishing someone that you feel has not lived up to your expectations within the party?

David, your cattiness is showing and fortunately, the people of Columbiana County can see your endorsement of Megan Bickerton is not to endorse the person that obviously is most qualified but to punish Judge Pike for not being one of your puppets.

Good luck to you Judge Pike, and I am embarrassed for the Columbiana County GOP, specifically Dave Johnson, for not being able to embrace you in your last bid for Common Pleas Judge. Elections are not games and the people of Columbiana County deserve the best qualified candidate for the job. There is no question, that is Judge Ashley Pike.




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