‘Bait and switch’ tactic targeting political party

To the editor:

One of the oldest political tricks in the book is the “bait and switch” personal attack. This campaign tactic is designed to take your mind away from the central issues of a campaign by assassinating the character of one’s opponent. Or, that of the political party backing an opponent.

It’s best that “others” wage such an attack, though. This way there is at least the appearance that nothing underhanded and/or wretched would come from the mouth or the pen of the beloved candidate. Rather, let the attack come from some innocuous soul perhaps residing in another county or another state. Or, maybe such an attack can come from the pen of a hysterical ex-wife?

Enter the well staged candidacy of C. Ashley Pike, the great glad-hander with the American flag on his lapel, always wearing his shiny wing tip shoes, wanting everybody to believe he is “above the fray of politics.” But oh how appearances can deceive us.

This is a judge, after all, who is so thin-skinned that he cannot and will not tolerate even the slightest criticism of one of his court rulings, even when such rulings have been rebuked by the court that oversees his jurisdiction: the 7th District Court of Appeals. He is, by the way, one of the most “overturned” judges of the 7th District.

What has really stirred the ire of candidate Ashley Pike, however, is the rebuke he received recently when 82 percent of the Columbiana County Republican Central and Executive Committee voted to endorse his opponent: the bright, capable and highly accomplished Assistant County Prosecutor, Megan Bickerton.

As a member of the Republican Executive Committee, I witnessed first hand what went on at that endorsement committee meeting. The only person showing disrespect and intolerance was candidate Ashley Pike. He was shameful.

Megan Bickerton, on the other hand, was professional, calm and collected. She presented a detailed plan to attack the rampant illicit drug crisis that is affecting every community in the county. And, while candidate Pike falsely questioned her qualifications as a full-time prosecutor, Attorney Bickerton politely highlighted her 12-year record of prosecuting more than 16,000 cases. She, frankly, has more trial experience than Ashley Pike had when he was first elected as a judge back in the early 1980’s.

Folks, don’t fall for the “smoke and mirrors” deception that the Pike campaign committee is offering up. It’s all an illusion designed solely to take your attention away from the candidate that most deserves to be elected to the Common Pleas bench on May 8th – Assistant County Prosecutor Megan Bickerton.

John Morrow,

Wellsville Village Councilman,

Republican Executive & Central Committee


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