Responds to response from David Johnson

To the editor:

I would first like to take the opportunity to publicly thank David Johnson for bringing my voting record to my attention. I have corrected the issue. Please feel free to check again. Oh, and the years before 2008 I was in Columbiana County. Please use the correct citation to check my voting history. ( https://trumbull.oh-vote.org/VoterView/RegistrantSearch.do ) I would like to continue to address Mr. Johnson’s assumptions and errors.

When Mr. Johnson and I were first introduced, I was a clerk at the local Dairy Mart on East State Street in Salem. At which time, Mr. Johnson tried every means available to stop my colleagues and myself from protecting the citizens of Salem from the misinformation and misleading tactics of some members of the Republican Party and members of Salem City Council. The Salem Fire District issue, the alleged violations of the Ohio Sunshine Laws, the initiative petitions, the campaign, the trip to the Ohio Election Commission (culminating in a violation of disseminating false information to the voters of the City of Salem), sparked a passion in me for politics and the law. I now have two bachelor’s degrees in political science and philosophy. Furthering my education I recently received my juris doctorate. So, to answer the question: “who would have such reference material readily at hand?” It is not having it readily at hand, it is having the education, skills and tenacity to know how to find it. With no outside help. Now to address your “record” you attempted to set straight.

In interest of time, 1-3 literally tells your readers nothing other than the process. Percentages tell us nothing. 82 percent support from 2/3 of the eligible members? Translate that into numbers and then give us the percentage of those numbers to the numbers of registered republicans in Columbiana County. That number is not going to be very impressive, just as the percentages you stated are not to anyone who is a free thinker.

Number 4, “The notion that Atty Bickerton ‘has no judiciary experience’ is ludicrous…” I would have been able to see through this claim 15 years ago. My intent is not to be condescending but, in order to have judiciary experience, would one not have to be a judge? (YES!) I am sure Atty Bickerton is an intelligent, ambitious person who has a very bright legal future. But I am starting to question why she would feel an endorsement from the Columbiana County GOP is beneficial towards her electability at this point. Who would want that endorsement when it is simply given out of dislike for the incumbent? And 16,000 cases in a little under 12 years? Embellishment makes you look desperate, not to mention less than truthful. This is a seat for a judicial position where truth and honesty are paramount.

Number 5, The State of Ohio has a statutory allowance for a “drug court” already that is available to any defendant through a judicial proceeding. (ORC 2951.041 Intervention in lieu of conviction.) If you were to read the statute, it is dependent on the request of the defendant therefore, it is the defendant’s responsibility to get the help needed to meet the requirements of the court to comply with the statute. Thus, taking the burden from the court to incur the costs of such a program that you have suggested. Drug court does not work for anyone who is not ready to make the changes necessary to beat an addiction.

And lastly, to address your post concerning “voter fraud” if a person was to request a Republican ballot. It is just a downright shame that a member of the Columbiana County Board of Elections is not educated on the primary process or the allowances of voters in an open primary. Mr. Johnson, this brings into question your qualification to be a member of the board of elections. Any registered voter in any county within the State of Ohio may request any party they wish in a primary election. I encourage every registered voter in Columbiana County to send a resounding message to David Johnson that you have the ability to think for yourselves and do not need someone who is not even knowledgeable in the voting laws in Ohio telling you how to vote.

Stephanie Bock.



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