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Appreciates care provided at Salem Regional Medical Center

To the editor:

A special thank you to all doctors and nurses at Salem Regional Medical Center for the care of making my best friend and companion of 20 years, Frank R. Wolfe, comfortable and out of pain for his last days of life.

Too many nurses and doctors to remember all names, but, believe this, that I, Florence Marie Stark (Frank’s companion) and son, Dave Wolfe, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care and loyalty you gave him.




West Branch softball team says thanks for all the support

To the editor:

The West Branch softball team and coaches would like to thank the many people who contributed in any way to our tournament run that began May 1 and ended in that 12-inning state final game on June 2.

From the cooperation we all received from the teachers, school administrators, bus drivers , school personnel and the generous contributions from the West Branch Athletic Boosters, to the local fire and police departments and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) who escorted us in and out of town, everyone helped make our experience one we will treasure forever.

The community support we received at the games was awesome! The sea of green at each of the games was something we all saw and heard every time we took the field.

Thanks to all of you again. Always proud to be a Warrior!


and the 2018 State Runner-up Softball Team,



July 4th shouldn’t have been ‘just another day’

To the editor:

Yesterday (July 4) our America celebrated another birthday. On her birthday I was in town early as I had to get something I forgot the day before. I went in to the little store and got what I had forgot, walked up to the counter and said a cheery hello. As she rang up my item I said “Happy Fourth to you!” She looked at me and said, “It’s just another day.” I took my bag and wished her well, but sadly walked away.

For you see lots of people just like her, to many it’s just another day. I felt like saying, “Why lady you have missed the mark. It is America’s birthday. How do you think we got here on another one of my America’s birthdays?” I may have done her an injustice, by just sadly walking away.

To me it is not just another day. As I drove home I said a prayer for all like her on this special day. Hoping they will find the meaning of what it means to many, on America’s birthday. She may have forgotten how this nation started, with the shot heard round the world. Minutemen answering freedom’s call, like we always do.

Too many wars and battles, lots have fought and died. Mostly on foreign ground. It’s what my school book taught me as a child. Americans are buried all around this globe.

Because God has always blessed our nation, as men and women have stepped up to answer someone’s call.

Just another day. How very sad is that? Is that what the Fourth of July means to you? I surely hope not, and what about Memorial Day too? Then there is Veterans Day. A day lots of Americans pause and bow their head.

There are children who are Gold Star. If you do not know what that means look it up. But to them they will stand straight and tall, going to that cemetery, or at the wall.

Tell them it is just another day. If you have the nerve ask them what today means. And see what these kids and torn apart families have to say.

Walk through any cemetery, look at all the flags on graves. It should bring a tear to your eye, Like it did to me as I walked at Arlington one day with my wife. What a cost to keep this freedom we have and all are blessed. But still there are some like her that to them it’s just another day, I guess.

Have we come so far down the freedom road, we forget what it costs to be free? How God continues to bless this land from sea to shining sea. How some would have us take down certain things, like the 10 Commandments from schools and courthouse walls.

Let us never forget to give honor and respect to God and the flag. Living by our Constitution, written so long ago. Hold it in your heart and never let it go.

There is so much more I could say, but you by now get the point. Is it just another day? To this vet I say “No way! I pray for my America everyday!




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