Church Women United will distribute mattresses to needy

To the editor:

Church Women United of Salem has ordered a truckload of 128 mattresses to give away to needy families in Salem whose children are sleeping on the floor.

The mattresses are set to arrive in February and we have been able to acquire a flat sheet, fitted sheet, blanket and pillow to give away with each mattress. Each item mentioned is brand new. We are overwhelmed with gratitude, and wanted to share some public thanks.

Many thanks to Dave Halverstadt II and his staff. Dave is going to provide free storage the mattresses when they arrive and has offered to provide trucks and manpower to deliver items to the recipients. The manager of his business, Brenda Melott, a former bus driver, has offered to work out logical routes for the delivery days.

Thanks to Sister Rene at St. Paul Catholic Church for her assistance in identifying recipients in our Hispanic community. We had a language barrier going on there and she has been a God-send. She will be helping communicate with them again when we start calling to make appointments for delivery.

In addition we want to thank the wonderful couple who wishes to remain anonymous who donated the money to purchase the mattresses – you are amazing.

Thank you to the community for your outpouring of financial support. Thanks to the Community Food Pantry and the Banquet in Salem for helping us get contact information from potential recipients. Thanks again to Simmers Crane Design Services for the donation that covered the cost of the new sheets.

And a loving thanks to all the church women across Salem who made the lovely pillow cases by hand using colorful, kid friendly fabrics. Thank you so much to the Salem News for helping us with publicity!

We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you, and Church Women United says God bless you all! Salem is the best.

Susan Motherwell, Secretary

Church Women United of Salem