What about all the other non-Lordstown workers who have lost jobs?

To the editor:

I applaud the continued support and compassion for the laid off GM employees. These individuals have been offered buyouts as well as the opportunity to transfer to other GM facilities.

I found the support by our Republican and Democratic elected officials somewhat questionable. I’m also skeptical of the political demands for answers as to why the Lordstown plant is closing. I don’t seem to recall our local or state politicians supporting or demanding answers as to why other businesses were closing in the area.

The offering of job placement, free training, waving of educational fees and free and reduced tuition for educational advancement were not offered. No support to assure that these individuals didn’t lose their homes or go hungry. These minimum wage employees were paying their fair share of taxes. Maybe not as much as the GM employees, but they were paying taxes.

The same support should have been extended to these people as well. I recently saw an interview were an individual labeled one our local presidential prospects as a “Working Man’s Politician.” A “Working Man’s Politician” is an a individual who supports any individual who permanently loses their job no matter what wages are earned or taxes being paid.

Again, I don’t recall any of our Representatives, Congressmen, Senators or the Governor expressing any sympathy or support for these working poor unemployed. In my opinion there is not one Ohio state politician who I consider a “Working Man’s Politician.”




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