Abruzzino is Republican Party’s officially endorsed candidate

To the editor:

The Columbiana County Republican Central & Executive Committee has had a longstanding policy of vetting, screening and then endorsing candidates for office throughout the county. We pride ourselves on ensuring that this process is open, transparent and fair to all candidates seeking the Party’s endorsement.

The candidate securing the Party’s official endorsement is entitled to incorporate this into his or her messaging and outreach to the voters. However, the candidate that did not receive the endorsement is barred, by Code of Judicial Conduct, from claiming such endorsement.

The Code of Conduct actually states that candidates are expressly prohibited from falsely claiming the endorsement “by a person, organization, political party or publication.” Judicial candidates are, furthermore, admonished in the Code to be “scrupulously accurate” with regard to claiming said endorsements.

As a member of the Judicial Screening Committee, and as Secretary of the Party, let me make it clear that Municipal Court Judge Candidate Vito Abruzzino is the Republican Party’s officially endorsed candidate. And for his opponent to now be stamping “endorsed” all over her campaign ads, without proper attribution, seems not to be “scrupulously accurate.”

Vito’s opponent is entitled to cite Republican friends who support her, but to parse her messaging in such a way as she has, inferring that she has some official and broad Republican endorsement, seems disingenuous at best. At worst, I believe she is in violation of at least the spirit of Ohio’s Judicial Code of Conduct.

The Republican voters have a right to know this and we hope they will cast their ballots accordingly.

Sharon Henry,


Columbiana County Republican Party