Beaver Local BOE president asks for support

To the editor:

I am asking for the voters of the Beaver Local School District to please vote “yes” for the renewal levy on May 7.

This levy has been in effect since 1994 and will cause no gains to voters’ taxes.

The monies are budgeted on a daily basis to purchase items that are used to run the school: technology, maintenance, utilities, resource officer)

This renewal levy has nothing to do with the bond issue that paid for the construction of the new school

I am a proud member of this community and feel providing the best education is a responsibility that we all can share. I had two stepchildren attend Beaver Local and they received a quality education from an excellent staff that cared and truly made lasting, personal relationships.

We need to keep this kind of environment intact and continue to provide our children with the best education possible. The class sizes have remained small which has been a huge advantage to our students’ success and allows for more resources to be spread throughout the school.

Our graduates will be going out into a very diverse world with ever changing technology. The challenges they will face are going to be endless and demanding. Passing this levy will show that the people of this district care about their children. These funds are needed to help Beaver Local make decisions that will continue to give our students the tools to be ready for any obstacle.

The district has increased financial responsibility over the past several years but it is not realistic to expect these monies to be enough when the state continues to cut our educational funding. We need to continue the levy so we can further grow and use the funds to match the ever-rising price of education which is rising faster than the cost of living.

In closing, please feel free to reach out to board members or administration if you have any concerns. I encourage all your questions to be answered with facts so that you are an educated voter and can avoid any misrepresentation. Let’s keep a good thing going. Hope to see you at the polls on May 7 for a “yes” vote on the Emergency Renewal Levy and “Go Beavers!”

Jerry Barnett,

President of the Beaver Local Board of Education


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