Energy supply chain is strong

To the editor:

Sometimes we forget about all of the downstream jobs that are created when a company builds a new facility, but Rick Shrum’s recent article (“Buzz palpable surrounding Shell cracker in Pa.,” April 11) really brought those benefits to light. Not only will the new Shell cracker plant create hundreds of manufacturing jobs, it’s already helped boost the region’s construction industry.

This phenomenon isn’t unique to our region. According to the Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance — a group that includes labor unions, construction trades and other groups across the supply chain — energy development and production helped sustain more than half a million jobs across multiple industries in 2012. By 2025, that number will be up to 757,000.

The $6 billion investment that Shell is making our neck to the woods will breed more investment. As Shrum explained, “This is a groundbreaking project for the tri-state area, but one that may lead others to break ground for similar plants.” I believe that statement will ring true – as long as our state remains a hospitable place for investment. That means not adding more taxes on energy companies and not overburdening the supply chain with unneeded regulations.

Let’s hope our leaders share our enthusiasm and recognize all the good that can come from natural gas development.

Doug Martin,

Council Representative,

Keystone Mountain & Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters,



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