Seeking levity: A note to West Branch Elementary Staff

To the editor:

I’m sure when you woke up that first day in September you never would have expected what was to come your way this school year. You were probably stunned when you found out halfway through the year that you and most of your peers would be getting a new title — that is of course without a pay raise and no additional training — logistics coordinators!!!

Every morning and afternoon we see you out there with your silly little yellow safety vests, walkie-talkies, megaphones and numbering systems that might make UPS and Fed Ex blush. (Amazon’s not blushing, not yet… but if this situation keeps up you might make them do so someday…got to have stretch goals right!?)

Whether it is little tiny orange cones that are in a perfect line as to be seen but not run over by a Toyota Sienna or waving “dad” up to the end of the sidewalk in his giant diesel truck so that everyone can get into school timely, you were always there this year: rain, snow and, very occasionally, sun. No, you didn’t choose the situation we are in or make the decisions that have granted you your new position but yet you are still there, every single day. All we can simply say is thank you.

And just think, if this somehow shakes out positively for next year, how exciting will it be to retire from your logistics coordinator role and go back to focusing on our children’s growth and development instead of “shipping” and “receiving”.

Finally, to all the parents out there, you know if you add “IT” to LEVY it gives you… “LEVITY”. So, in these contentious times for our school, find your “IT.” Keep calm, smile, laugh and thank a WB Staff member. You will be glad you did.




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