Some facts on the matter of global warming

To the editor:

Al Gore says it is simply physics: the CO2 molecule absorbs heat. He also states that “more people have been killed by air conditioners than by terrorists.”

There are three states of matters: solid, liquid and gas. The closer the molecules are to one another, the more they will retain heat. The best insulation uses spaces of air for its lack of conducting heat.

You should read “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton. Yes, it’s a fictional novel, but all the charts and graphs in it are real from the National Weather Service.

What Al doesn’t tell you is that is has never been proven by scientific method which uses real data and experiments to prove a theory, not conjecture or a general consensus.

Weather is not constant. That is why we have weathermen and the Weather Channel. Global warming, if it’s happening, will be caused by thermal pollution. Man-made engines, furnaces and especially surfaces radiate heat. Roofs, roads, building don’t absorb heat like the soil does. Don’t believe me? You can watch an egg fry on concrete on a 90 degree day and yet lay in the cool grass on the same day.

You could also notice on the Weather Channel the temperatures in large cities are higher than the surrounding rural areas on a summer day. Liquids also radiate heat, man-made lakes and pools, but not as much as a solid. Every year we replace heat absorbing soil with more roads, roofs, buildings, etc. Green energy is suppose to be our salvation yet the surface of a solar panel can by 149 degrees on a summer day. Eggs start to cook at 130 degrees. Thus solar panels are also a source of thermal pollution. We would do more to combat global warming, if it’s happening, by coating these surfaces with a heat-absorbing material, than by passing the cap and trade laws and selling worthless carbon credits.

If you still have doubts, then the next time you are cold, don’t use a blanket. Instead sprinkle lint over your body and let me know how it works for you.




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