Words from a true champion!

To the editor:

Dear Salem community and Columbiana County residents,

My name is Maria Sargent. I recently competed in the Scripps National Bee, May 26-31, as your representative. My goal was to bring home the trophy to honor my family, friends, school, city, county and state. Though I studied hard, I am sorry I did not fulfill that goal.

While there I did meet new friends and I did enjoy the sights and sounds of the Gaylord Resort. The National Harbor on the Pontiac River is beautiful. Saying thank you for this opportunity seems like such a small gesture, but I really am so very grateful.

My school and community helped, supported me and cheered for me. Thank you to all who make the trips to the spelling bees possible for me and other. A lot of planning, effort and time goes into the preparations for the Scripps National Bee, from school events and beyond. I wish to thank all the staff members of the local newspaper and media, and a special thanks to publishers Ms. Beth Volosin and Ms. Tammie McIntosh. These people work hard and sponsor the trips for lucky students like myself. They seem to do it easily (no small task) and make us feel special.

To future competitors, the bee is well worth all the work, anxiety and fear. Bee diligent. Bee calm. Bee fearless. Bee Winners!

Maria Sargent,



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