‘Outraged’ over naming of stadium in Salem

To the editor:

As a former resident of Salem, from birth in 1937 to 1970 when I moved to Denton, TX to assume a professorship at the University of North Texas, and an SHS alumnus (’55), I was outraged when I learned that historical Reilly Stadium was renamed after Bob Sebo.

Although “buying” renaming rights seems trending throughout the country, that doesn’t make it the right thing to do in Salem, a small town that has done so much to emphasize and maintain its history. Were it a new stadium or building, naming it after Bob Sebo would be justified, not for contributing over six figures to various Salem/SHS programs or in hopes of his future contributions.

Naming the new wall after Bob Sebo with an informative plaque honoring his contributions, including all the blood he claims losing: ” … I lost a lot of blood playing football on that field.” — seems considerably more appropriate.

Would a true philanthropist even desire, yet accept having historical Reilly Stadium renamed after himself? I think not. So, shame on you, Bob Sebo, and on the Salem School Board for allowing this to happen.

Lloyd Fitzpatrick,

Denton, TX


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