Great Day at the Columbiana County Fair

To the editor:

My wife and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on Friday, Aug. 2, 2019, at the Columbiana County (aka Lisbon) Fair.

It was our daughter Val’s suggestion, and it was “some kind” of a special day! We are all 4-H alumni and loved seeing the animals, the kids, the displays, the food, and everything that makes an Ohio county fair such homespun magic.

The three of us arrived about 1 p.m. with warm greetings from Wade and Linda Courtney and Jeff August working the gate. Everybody knows everybody at the fair. Admission was $6 before 3 p.m. and $8 after 3 p.m. Creative way to encourage spending the day at the fair! Free parking with tractor wagon shuttle service, too. We watched a rabbit judging in a wonderful, well-lighted and ventilated barn. I sat beside someone’s market turkey. He didn’t say much, and I didn’t mention Thanksgiving.

We had dinner at Smokin’ Marty’s BBQ. Great pork and brisket with about three pounds of cole slaw for under $8. Got a couple of fans at the Democrats’ tent and a couple of pens from the Republicans. All they wanted in return was our votes.

Near the cattle barn, we had ice cream served by friendly Austin Shoemaker. Enjoyed friends Mike and Ruth Newman performing on the Midway Stage with the Village Singers, under director Peggy Elliott. Ever heard Village People music arranged for chorus? You should.

Friday Night’s Truck and Tractor Pull in the beautifully-renovated grandstand was too enticing to pass up. Only $5 admission. We loaded up on root beer, kettle corn and deep-fried potato chips (which seems redundant) and watched two amazing hours of Americana with screaming turbos.

Reluctantly, about 10 p.m., we headed for the car, stopping for more fried fair food. Not sure what we bought, but it was really good! It was such a memorable day that we wanted to find some way to thank those responsible for The 2019 Columbiana County Fair.

So, I wrote this letter and hope that the “Fair Folks” see it. Thanks for “Everything.” After celebrating our anniversary at a Tractor Pull, I realize that I had better step it up next year. I’m thinking Combine Demolition Derby. Don’t tell my wife. It’s a surprise!




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