Recognition for Jack Yarnell is well deserved

To the editor:

Congratulations to the Salem City Parks Board/Commission for recognizing Jack Yarnell by proclamation, news coverage, and well-deserved, prominently placed plaque at the Orashan Bandshell.

Jack has been, is, and will be forever linked to the legacy of Howard O. Pardee and Earl Orashan. Howard, the dreamer, and Earl, the designer-builder would be pleased that Jack saw to it that the bandshell remained/remains such an iconic structure at Memorial Park, for the park system, and the wider community.

Thanks Jack, for being the right person at the right time. This trio: Howard, Earl and Jack are responsible for the bandshell as it is today. Yet, that specific influence is overshadowed by their total impact on the historical/future, musical/cultural landscape of Salem. This totality is incalculable. On behalf of “Doc”, Earl and countless audiences, well done, Jack Yarnell.




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