Writing in support of Bob Sebo

To the editor:

Three in a row! Three letters to the editor disparaging the name change at Sebo Stadium. Three local leaders unhappy wi…wait, hold on a second. They live where? Indiana, Connecticut, Texas. My goodness! Let me get this straight: I’m supposed to entertain a lecture about Salem’s history, present and future given by people who don’t live here?!

Bob Sebo is a blessing to our city — an icon — and should be properly appreciated. In stark contrast with monies received from a historical figure in Salem, who unknowingly and posthumously gave to every school district in Columbiana County and was (and is–Reilly Elementary) to my knowledge only recognized by one district, Mr. Sebo is arguably the most successful son of Salem and he came back. He could have gone anywhere in the world, and yet he’s here with us. And my goodness, what a difference he has made. Upgrades to our beautiful football stadium are only the latest in the long string of contributions over the years.

Human nature dictates that it is impossible to make everyone happy at once. There are plenty in Salem who voiced displeasure after learning the news, and suggested that community input would have changed the Board of Education’s mind. A fairly large data sample roundly rejected that idea, and the reality is that most people are thrilled and thankful.

The reality on the ground in our city is that it’s a dying Rust Belt city, facing problems not unlike a great many in our region. Without major infrastructure to lean on, and an industrial base that isn’t growing, a lot of issues that we face are only going to get harder to solve. One of the things that many of those other cities do not have is a benefactor like Mr. Sebo. Many places have produced wildly successful people, and very few of them come back and give back. Mr. Sebo has a clear passion for Salem that may be unrivaled. That passion is one of Salem’s biggest assets.

I want to personally thank Bob Sebo, for his continued and future efforts to make our city better. I want to thank the Board of Education for making the clear correct decision, especially as a taxpayer. I’m sure it wasn’t without proper consideration, given the stadium has had a name for the better part of a century. And to the haters, at home and abroad, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–jealousy is a stinky cologne, and you’re all free to contribute your anonymous hundreds of thousands. Thanks in advance!

Grant Mingus,


Class of 2005 and still here


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