SHS student expresses view on stadium name change

To the editor:

I am a sophomore at Salem High School. I want to put in my side to the renaming of Reilly Stadium to Sebo Stadium. I know it is very generous of him to give his money to the city of Salem by sponsoring events and paying for buildings. But a line had to be drawn somewhere. I drew the line when the stadium got renamed.

Reilly Stadium should still stay Reilly Stadium! Reilly Stadium has over 150 years of history in its name. But do you know what the sad part is? Not a lot of people know why it was named Reilly Stadium. We need to teach future generations about the story of Reilly and how he earned a school and stadium being named after him. I want to tell my children about the story of a person who fought in war and got his last name honored on a school and a stadium and not a very rich guy who just bought the stadium.

Katie McFarland,



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