Council candidate delivers his message

To the editor:

When I first decided to run for Salem City Council, Councilman Geoff Goll tried to bully me out of running. His message was recorded on voice mail.

Now, when I attend Council meetings, there is a Democrat official that sits in the back row of every single council meeting, with a snarl on her face, often staring at me as if “how dare you run for city council”. Guess she know I won’t take orders from her.

Recently, the city treasurer tried to bully me on the income tax collection issue, with his finger in my face. There were witnesses. And he wants to be a judge?

Folks, I am a former Golden Gloves boxing champion. I do not get intimidated by political types that seem more interested in playing politics than they are in making Salem a better place to live and work.

Let’s get a few other things straight: nobody recruited me to run for city council. And nobody will tell Dennis Plegge how to vote on city council. Got that Mr. Goll?

If elected, I will be quietly working with council and with the mayor to get things done, not to grandstand at council meetings to let everybody know how smart I am. If there is a common sense ordinance that can save the city $50,000 per year and at the same time improve the services offered to residents, I will be for it. And you will know this by how I vote.

Disappointing that Mr. Goll refused to even vote on such an ordinance at the recent Finance Committee meeting. I was there. Then at the latest council meeting, he votes to block council from even considering the ordinance. How childish.

Be assured of something else: I will not make rude, degrading comments in council chambers towards other elected council members as Mr. Goll did at the last Finance Committee meeting. He knows what I am talking about. He ought to publically apologize for it.

Oh, and does anybody find it strange that Councilman Goll would not even speak to the mayor? When he does communicate — like when he said the police chief should be fired — he does so by email. Is this responsible leadership for our town?

If you want more of these antics at city council, then I am not your choice for the 3rd ward council seat. If you want change, and somebody that will listen more than talk, then I am an alternative.

Dennis Plegge,

3rd Ward Salem Council candidate


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