Expressing opinions about politics

To the editor:

With the general election over, I want to thank the Salem office holder for running a clean campaign. Just one minor hiccup with Columbiana County Trump Party Chairman throwing his mud around where it did not belong.

You may have noticed I wrote the “Trump Party” because the Republican Party is gone. They have lost their focus. The Republican Party (founded 165 years ago) was a strong party. Used to be called, although unofficially the Anti-Administration Party. Formally, the Democratic-Republican Party or National Republican Party. Now it’s the “Trump Party”.

My neck hurts from the whiplash I get from all the garbage that is being tossed around every day. I am getting frustrated and disgusted by some of our politicians. Maybe we should have another option on the ballot: none of the above (NOTA). Don’t vote for anyone in that office.

Maybe I should not care and be worried, but I do am… I am so fearful for our country. How is all this crap going to affect us in the future? Are we headed for WWIII or even civil war? In my opinion, we are already in a civil war: we are the Divided States of America. Us against them for the soul of our nation.

I wonder if it’s a waste of time voting. We all know that Mr. Trump will survive all this and continue being our president. Elections are all smoke and mirrors. And there is nothing we can do about it. That it does not matter anymore… Trump all the way??? Or not… Can we survive!?!

Dan Means,



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