On behalf of President Trump

To the editor:

For the past three and half years we have heard and read how the Democrats in the House of Representatives have dirt on our elected president, and how dirty and evil he is and deserves to be impeached.

The Democrats have nothing that is an impeachable offense of this president. They are only going through the motions with the hope of finding something anything that they can use. Now it’s he committed treason against our country. Boy, would it be great if the Democrats (Dumocrats) would only put this much of an effort into working for the good of this country and the citizens.

They are still mad and very upset that they lost the last election to President Trump and will try every thing to take him down before 2020. They know that they can not beat him honestly. If they had someone that people could have felt good about maybe they would have won. Very few people wanted Hilary Clinton to win because they didn’t trust her and was tired of the corruption in Washington.

Clinton was and is one of the biggest crooks in Washington and that is saying a lot due to all the crooks that are in Washington. That is one thing and another reason for wanting President Trump gone, The other is the fact that he is an outsider and not one of the boys. They are in fear of their jobs and not being able to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing nothing to help out all people. They only know how to give programs away for votes. Then they can sit back on their butts and laugh at everyone.

The Democratic Party is not what it once was. At one time it cared about the middle class and a working family. Now it is a socialist party wanting to give people things like a college education for free. Well, lately it has come out that the middle class will pay more in taxes so that others can get a college education for free. That is not the only free items that the Socialist Democratic Party wants to do. Free health care, raising taxes on the people that make more than $300,000 a year, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and raising taxes on the middle class. That by itself is a job killer and we all know that. A business cannot survive paying out that kind of money. There are some restaurants that have already placed machines on tables that a customer orders food through and pays the bill with.

Unlike some Democrats that stand around do nothing while businesses like GM and others close in this area, President Trump at least is doing something to get these businesses back into this country. The two that I get a kick out of are Ryan and Hagan. They said we need to give businesses like GM a helping hand with money a few years ago, or they would go bankrupt. Well giving them the taxpayers money did nothing for the communities that factories were located in recently.

If anyone of these Democrats are fortunate enough to be voted in as president more free items will be given away to people that don’t want to work and taxes will go up for those that do work. Just remember we will pay for those that want to sit at home and collect a check.

Socialism has not worked in other countries and it will not work in this country. The founding fathers knew it wouldn’t work and they made sure that we remain a free country where you could work and get what you wanted. Go to work and there is nothing stopping you from getting everything you wanted in this life. Believe me, you would not like a socialist country. Beware of a bunch of promises that can not be fulfilled.

Remember, while the Democrats have wasted time and millions of dollars on fake impeachment President Trump was working on getting businesses bringing their money back in the USA and creating jobs. Choose carefully when voting next year and hopefully the House will change.

Charles Mead,



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