Celebrating Saint Paul School and Catholic Schools Week

To the editor:

Once again this year, Saint Paul School (SPS) will observe National Catholic Schools Week. The celebration is from January 26 through February 1. The theme for 2020 is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” As a proud member of the SPS Class of 1962, I’d like to comment.

Founded in 1904, chartered by the State Board of Education in 1915, and fully-accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association again last May, students have been well-educated at Saint Paul School. Its motto is “Educating the Mind, Body and Spirit” and, indeed, SPS graduates have excelled in many fields, earning both degrees and distinction.

During the past year, I’ve spent most Wednesday mornings volunteering at Saint Paul School, primarily in grades K-2. What follows is an impression of SPS today, based on my firsthand observations.

First, Saint Paul students are taught by their sensitive teachers and staff to care about each other. I’ve seen students comforted by peers on the playground and in classrooms with kind words and big hugs. Older kids assist younger ones, in church and in school. SPSers are a family.

Next, St. Paul kids learn to be disciplined. They raise hands to speak, obey their teachers, and walk single-file in hallways, as they become less fidgety and more mature.

Importantly, SPS students receive a first-rate education. Reading and writing are emphasized, music matters, and technology is infused in the School’s STREAM program, which recently received a “Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in STEM Education and Student Research.”

St. Paul students also learn the Catholic religion and endeavor to practice it: they participate in weekly Mass and daily prayers; they are exposed to Holy Scripture.

In sum, SPS kids seem well-positioned to live out the “St. Paul School Song” its kindergartners sing: “We will achieve. We will succeed. We will lead. We’re St. Paul School!”

Therefore, I offer a sincere “thank you” to Father Bob Edwards, Principal David Pancurak, amazing teachers, conscientious staff, supportive parishioners, generous friends, and the St. Paul School Foundation, all of which positively influence SPS students’ lives. Enjoy National Catholic Schools Week, Saint Paul School Family: SPS epitomizes it!

Joe Rottenborn, Ed.D.,



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