Urges ‘yes’ vote for renewal of Salem Parks levy

To the editor:

With election day fast approaching I wanted to encourage everyone to not only get out and vote but to vote YES for our parks! This is not a new levy so it won’t add anything additional to your taxes.  

I raised my children in Salem and am fortunate enough to have grandchildren here too. We were always at one of the parks, Centennial to play in the Swings N’ Things playground, or as my granddaughter called it “the wood park.”

Then we would be at Waterworth Memorial for ball games, to play tennis, or listen to great music on a Sunday evening at no charge! Of course we had to stop and see the ducks and play on that playground too. When I moved we discovered a small park called Mullins on South Lincoln. What a little treasure that park is to the neighborhood. And of course let’s not forget Kelly Park. Many a ball game has been played there.  

Did you know the parks levy also provides for the upkeep of the reservoir? How many of you have gone out to fish there or just relax and take a boat out on the water? And did you know that Centennial pool and the lifeguards salary and the pool manager salary also comes from the parks budget? How lucky are we to have such a nice pool and now a splash pad for the little ones too!

Our parks are used for so much by so many from individual picnics to church picnics to family reunion picnics. And what about all the events that are held in the parks throughout the year like car shows, antiques in the park, races for charity events, fireworks, Easter egg hunt, tennis matches, summer basketball teams. And after all these events there is cleanup by, yes, the parks department.

I could go on and on about what a jewel we have in our parks but I think you get that I’m a fan. Because I’m a fan I am encouraging everyone to vote YES for our parks. Without this levy they cannot stay the way they are now.  Every penny is needed to keep the grounds beautiful, the picnic areas clean, the pool operating, the ball fields ready, restrooms repaired, the playgrounds updated, and the machinery required to do all of that in good repair as well.  

So please vote YES for our parks!  And if you have time volunteer your time. There’s a lot to do and many hands make light the job.  

Sandy Capel,



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